Life Story



Way Back

I attended four different schools before I finished 2nd grade. By the age of 7 I had mastered the skill of mirroring and was quick to make new friends. I was artistic, athletic, and curiously great at taking standardized tests.

After 5.5 years of rural Indiana education, life moved me up in the world and I started 8th grade in an “Excellent” school district in Ohio. I learned being smarter than your teachers doesn’t guarantee you good grades. You also have to turn in your homework. I was usually too busy reading to bother with homework. I spent 3 years taking independent study ceramics courses and my art teacher was heartbroken when I went to college to study science.

I migrated home to Tulane University in New Orleans and somehow managed to scrape together enough credits for a Bachelor’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering. I didn’t have time to take a single art class. I was the President of my school, and I once got a 7 on a test.

A Little Closer

I went to work for a non-profit. I went back to school on the weekends at the University of New Orleans. My Masters of Business Administration was completed in 17 months with honors and I loved every second of it.

During the course of my MBA program I left the non-profit and fell magically into the world of consulting, which was a far superior fit for my thought process and continually evolving skill-set.

Present Day

Today my time is devoted to guiding healthcare organizations as they adopt modern technology and learn to truly engage with their patients, who are at the end of the day, their customers. My education is continuing informally with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and psychology as it relates to business and management.



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