Life Story



Way Back

I attended four different schools before I finished 2nd grade. By the age of 7 I had mastered the skill of mirroring and was quick to make new friends. I was artistic, athletic, and precocious. Luckily, after 5.5 years of rural Indiana education, at 13 I was once again relatively average.

I started 8th grade in an “Excellent” school district in Ohio. I learned being smarter than your teachers doesn’t guarantee you good grades. You also have to turn in your homework. I was usually too busy reading to bother with homework. I spent 3 years taking independent study ceramics courses. My art teacher was heartbroken when I went to college to study science.

I migrated home to Tulane University in New Orleans and somehow managed to scrape together enough credits for a Bachelor’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering. I didn’t have time to take a single art class. I was the President of my school, and I once got a 7 on a test.

A Little Closer

I worked. I decided being smarter than your bosses is worse than being smarter than your teachers. I went back to school on the weekends at the University of New Orleans. My Masters of Business Administration was completed in 17 months with honors and I loved every second of it.

During the course of my MBA program I switched jobs. I fell in love with accountability and independence. In February of 2011, I resigned from the IT consulting firm where I was employed and struck out on my own.

Present Day

Today my time is devoted to solo consulting, various startup ventures, and a non-profit. My education is continuing informally with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and psychology as it relates to business and management.

Read why I started this blog here: On the pursuit.

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