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27 and Still Not Barbie

About a month ago I realized my birthday was coming up and I had a mild panic attack. “My birthday goals! I haven’t even been looking at them! I’ve probably failed at everything.” Overall I feel like this year went by really fast. I’m chalking that up to the fact that:

  1. I’ve been really (productively) busy.
  2. I’ve spent a lot of time in airplanes.

When I actually opened up my 26 and ready post to grade myself for the year, I realized I had given myself a relatively un-quantifiable list of goals [here they are, along with my ‘grades’]:

  1. Leave the country [A++].
  2. Visit my #2 in Chicago [D].
  3. Create a product [C-].
  4. Be more observant and connected to my surroundings. Try to see something every day that I’ve never seen before [P].
  5. Say No enough that I can really mean it when I say Yes [A].
  6. Surprise people. Do something that exceeds the expectations of those closest to me [P].

I passed the first goal with flying colors.

The grand ole’ U.S. of A. was without my presence on two distinct occasions over the past year. In December of 2012 I hopped on a flight to Seattle and surprisingly enough the Canadians let me in for a visit. @Tritico and I found this crazy place called the Capilano Suspension Bridge and I took a selfie in front of it so you would all believe that I was really there. Exhibit A:

I stood on a giant suspension bridge in a rainforest in Vancouver (December 2012).

THEN, in June of this year I used the Delta miles I’ve been hoarding for the past year to hop a transatlantic flight to Berlin via Amsterdam. The worst part of the trip was when @Tritico made me ride a rented bike all over Berlin, partially in the rain. He even took this series of pictures of me to prove what an awful time I was having:

I was obviously not as successful on my second goal. My #2 travels almost as much as I do, and he is never home when I happen to be free to visit him. I did make an effort to find a time to visit him though, so I give myself a teensie bit of credit for that. Here’s a picture of him throwing a frisbee at me circa 2005 to make up for my lack of a visit this year.

If I told you about #3, I’d have to kill you. Also, I’d ruin my secret sauce. I would have been further along in this goal, except this. #4 is a wishy washy one; I don’t know quite how to grade myself. Maybe it should be a pass/fail class? I’ll go change that now… Yay, I passed!

#5 is a big fat “A” because I said NO to all kinds of stuff this year, and I’m in the process of saying NO to even more things. Saying NO feels really good, you should try it. This is my NO (see also: “are you crazy?!”) face:

The pictures from this photoautomat are actually really good and have taken up residence on @Tritico’s fridge.

#6 is also a hard one to judge. I threw a surprise party for @Tritico and learned that some people don’t like surprises. Did I surprise you? I’m starting to feel like I’ve been surprising people for so long that people are no longer surprised by me. Is that a thing?

Anyways, that’s all the fun for today.

EXCEPT here are the (noticeably more achievable) goals for the 28th year of my life:

  1. Visit my #2 in Chicago.
  2. Complete “The Daily” list every day (see below).
This is a daily checklist I wrote for myself a few months ago. Right now I actually complete the whole thing about once a week. From here on out, DAILY.


After a lot of pressure on twitter, @Tritico took me to the Barbie DreamHouse in Berlin. I’m pretty sure I would’ve played with Barbie a lot less when I was younger if I’d realized how tall she is:

See you next year!